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Updates on HB2 from the Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau

The Raleigh CVB continues to update the following page with information for organizers and attendees of upcoming meetings in Raleigh:

Responding to House Bill 2

What our local business, local political entities, and related groups are doing to make changes and as well and promote a positive environment/inclusivity:

Representing 2,200 member firms and two-thirds of the area's private-sector employment, the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce has taken a strong stance in opposition to the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act, also known as House Bill 2 (HB2). On April 19, the Chamber publicly called for the law's repeal and stated that it is working "with Governor Pat McCrory, N.C. legislators and other elected leaders to find a solution that is in the best interest of our region and state while strengthening our commitment to diversity, inclusion and equality."

Likewise Raleigh's mayor and the Raleigh City Council have endorsed the Chamber's statement against HB2. Mayor Nancy McFarlane noted in her remarks before council on April 19 that "Raleigh's legislative team has been and will continue to work hard in the N.C. Legislature to change HB2. It is important that the state and nation understand that HB2 does not reflect Raleigh's values and it has not changed our culture of acceptance and inclusiveness of diversity."

That day the council affirmed with its vote that it would "stand with our businesses and residents" and is "committed to continuing to represent and fight for our local values and local economy in the N.C. Legislature." Since then, the Chamber, area businesses and residents have joined together in a campaign titled "All Are Welcome Here" ( to positively promote an inclusive and welcoming environment when further growing our regional economy. (great videos here All Are Welcome YOU TUBE)

GRCVB and many Raleigh hospitality businesses already are participating by utilizing the campaign's hashtag, logos, social media avatars or images, animated graphics, web banners and posters. Additionally individual hospitality establishments in the Raleigh area, such as Ashley Christensen Restaurants and Clyde Cooper's BBQ, have received local media coverage for their especially influential or unique stances against the HB2 law, such as Christensen's freshly painted outdoor mural, adjacent to the Raleigh Convention Center.

Safety at RDU

The Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority, manager of RDU International Airport, is committed to serving all customers with respect. Respect is one of the airport's five core values, which support its mission "to deliver excellent airport services, facilities and unparalleled customer service." RDU staff assures all visitors that their diverse needs will be respected, and transgender visitors who present specific safety concerns can receive support from RDU's customer service team. Single-occupancy restrooms, if desired, are located throughout all concourses, baggage claim areas and ticketing areas at the modern, welcoming airport.

Hotels -
TAG Certification

In an ongoing efforts we are encouraging this certification - Some key Raleigh hotels are not yet approved and we're working on this continually. The Raleigh Convention Center is now a TAG approved venue. TAG takes hospitality for diverse attendee populations a step further: it is an all-out effort to qualify travel businesses based not only on their desire for gay travel revenues, but on their employment policies, services, and support returned to the LGBT community. TAG APPROVED® represents the very best in the world of hospitality.

As specifically for the Marriott and Sheraton, they are PRIVATE entities and are not compelled by the "bathroom" component of the HB2 legislations. And even more, both brands have intensive policies in place from the top down which support non decimation at any level with any of their hotels.

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, INC. Human Right Policy Statment (pdf)
Marriott Business Ethics and Human Rights (pdf)