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Measuring Water Quality Impact of a Coastal Plain Stream Restoration during Construction

Across the continental United States, more than $1 billion per year has been spent on restoring rivers and streams since 1990. Although financial investment has been considerable, there is a lack of data to determine success or failure of restorations. Only 4% of projects investigate pre-restoration conditions for comparison after restoration. Even fewer projects have monitored the impact of construction activities on water quality. In conjunction with pre-restoration and post-restoration data. Results of continuous, high-resolution water quality monitoring of the construction phase of a southeastern coastal plain stream restoration in an agricultural watershed will be presented. Nutrient dynamics for nitrogen, phosphorus, and suspended solids will be discussed for baseflow conditions and storm events. Cumulative loading during the construction phase will be compared to pre-restoration conditions. The perceived impact on water quality of restoration activities will be presented.

Danielle Winter (Primary Presenter/Author), North Carolina State University ,;