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In recent years astacological studies have received an increase in focus. Efforts to better understand crayfish are largely a result of their continued decline and imperilment. As a result of these efforts, understanding and need for conservation of these animals has also progressed. In 2016 Cambarus veteranus was listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. In order to aid in conservation of C. veteranus, updated information on syntopic crayfish species found within the Guyandotte River is vital; however, the last statewide survey of West Virginia Crayfish does not include updated information on C. veteranus or mention of Cambarus theepiensis, a heterospecific which was previously referred to as both Cambarus robustus and Cambarus sciotensis within the Guyandotte River. In response to this, we provide an updated list and current distribution of crayfish taxa currently found within the Guyandotte River. The current species known to occur within both the Upper and Lower Guyandotte River system include Cambarus b. cavatus, Cambarus dubius, Cambarus theepiensis, Cambarus thomai, Cambarus veteranus, Orconectes cristavarius, and Orconectes sanbornii.

David Foltz II (Primary Presenter/Author), Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. / West Liberty University,;

Zachary Loughman ( Co-Presenter/Co-Author), West Liberty University,;