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Evaluation of LAS toxicity with Chironomus xanthus: focusing in real laundry wastewater

Linear Alkybenzene Sulfonate (LAS) is the most used anionic surfactant in laundries and it is present in domestic and industrial wastewaters. Although LAS is biodegradable, its long carbon chain is toxic to aquatic environment. Therefore, this study evaluated the toxicity of different standard LAS concentrations in aquatic insect larvae (Chironomus xanthus) under controlled conditions. Acute (96 hours) and chronic (192 hours) toxicity tests were performed in 250 mL of LAS dilution with 50 g of sterilized sediment with six C. xanthus larvae, in three replicates. The chosen LAS dilution were: 5 mg/L, 10 mg/L, 15 mg/L, 20 mg/L, 25 mg/L, 30 mg/L, 35 mg/L and 50 mg/L. As a result, we found a LC50 of 25.90 and 18.25 mg/L of LAS in the acute and chronic test respectively. From these results, we began to evaluate the toxicity of real laundry wastewater. Preliminary assays show that there was a reduction in contamination of real laundry effluent with fluidized bed reactor treatment. In summary, we expect to confirm the reduction of toxicity for the aquatic environment with the reactor treatment.

Mayara Felipe (Primary Presenter/Author), University of São Paulo,;

Juliano Corbi ( Co-Presenter/Co-Author), University of São Paulo, julianocorbi@usp,br;

Maria Bernadete Varesche Silva ( Co-Presenter/Co-Author), University of São Paulo,;

Thaís Macedo Carmelo ( Co-Presenter/Co-Author), University of São Paulo,;