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Macochee Creek (Mad River Watershed, Ohio), is a cold water stream system that was channelized in the 1800’s for agricultural purposes, but a small section (0.8 km) underwent an extensive restoration during 2007 to restore sinuosity and improve riparian and in-stream habitat. The objective of this investigation was to examine the patterns of benthic algal assemblage within and outside of this restored stream segment. In the fall of 2017, nine sites were selected: three upstream of the restoration, three downstream of the restoration and three sites within the restored stream reach. At each site, a suite of environmental parameters were recorded and periphyton communities were collected from riffle habitats. NMDS and MRPP analyses for the periphyton community indicated that restored stream sites were not significantly (A = 0.05, p = 0.22) different from the unrestored sites. ISA did resolve three unique taxa for the upstream (Achnanthidium, p = 0.04), restored (Gomphonema, p = 0.04), and downstream (Gyrosigma, p = 0.03) segments.

Austin Morehouse (Primary Presenter/Author), Ohio Northern University,;

Nao Hariguchi (Co-Presenter/Co-Author), Ohio Northern University,;

Alex Wood (Co-Presenter/Co-Author), Ohio Northern University,;

Evan Corteville (Co-Presenter/Co-Author), Ohio Northern University,;

Robert Verb (Co-Presenter/Co-Author), Ohio Northern University,;

Leslie Riley (Co-Presenter/Co-Author), Ohio Northern University,;

Ken Oswald (Co-Presenter/Co-Author), Ohio Northern University, Department of Biological & Allied Health Sciences,;