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SFS Annual Meeting

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5/21/2018  |   16:00 - 17:00   |  Grand Riverview Ballroom B

Keynote: Dr. Pete McIntyre
FISH FOR THOUGHT: BUILDING AWARENESS OF THE WORLD’S FRESHWATER FISHERIES Inland fisheries are one of the most obvious freshwater ecosystem services, yet have little weight in policy and management decisions at national to global scales. What is their status, and what human interests would be affected if the world’s river and lake fisheries decline? Does conserving biodiversity help to maintain fishery productivity, and do fisheries pose to a major threat to aquatic biodiversity? Can our community invoke fisheries to more effectively advocate for protecting freshwater ecosystems? I will summarize a global perspective on these and related questions, weaving together food security, biodiversity, economic, and ecosystem viewpoints to argue that freshwater fisheries merit far greater emphasis in decisions about environmental management.

Pete McIntyre (Primary Presenter), University of Wisconsin-Madison,;
Pete is an Associate Professor in the Center for Limnology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and studies freshwater fish and ecosystems around the world. His work combines intensive, place-based studies with large-scale data syntheses that often cross disciplinary divides. Though he lacks a formal background in fishery science, his interests in aquatic animals, ecosystem dynamics, and human livelihoods have drawn him to studying the ecology and sustainability of fisheries. He frequently collaborates with NGOs and agencies to develop projects that produce actionable findings at local to global scales.