Saturday, May 21, 2016

Space is limited - register early.

Workshops are subject to cancellation if minimum registration is not met.

No refunds or cancellations after April 15.



Introduction to R

9:00 am-5:00 pm - Limit: 20 participants

Cost: $100.00 SFS members; $75.00 SFS student members


The R computing environment has become a leading computational freeware for data analysis and display. This workshop is intended to introduce participants to the"R"computing environment, participants will learn to import, export and transform data to run statistical tests and data summaries. Instructors will demonstrate several functions of R and associated packages increasing the understanding and use of the R environment. Students will be expected to bring their own computer, and will be provided with many additional resources for exploring and learning in the R environment. A basic understanding of statistics and statistical tests is required.


Introduction to Gastropods and Mollusks: Sampling and Identification 101

9:00 am-5:00 pm - Limit: 20 participants

Cost: $150.00 SFS members; $75.00 SFS student members


The focus of this workshop is to provide participants with a background on biology and ecology of freshwater mollusks (gastropods and bivalves), sampling techniques widely accepted in the industry, and taxonomic skills for commonly encountered species. Jeremy Tiemann and Kevin Cummings of the Illinois Natural History Survey will bring knowledge and charisma to an often under recognized taxa group. Whether you're a novice aquatic ecologist, looking to gain more experience with another faunal group, or a seasoned field biologist, this workshop will be informative and a thorough overview of mollusk taxonomy and sampling. Completing this workshop will prepare participants for the much anticipated SFS- Taxonomic Certification Exam for Genus level IDs of Freshwater Mollusks.


Bioassessment Analytical Methods for Freshwater Soft-Bodied Algae

9:00 am-5:00 pm - Limit: 20 participants

Cost: $100.00 SFS members; $75.00 SFS student members


Soft-bodied algae are increasingly used in freshwater bioassessment as bioindicators of ecological conditions. The methods for their analysis are variable and influence the quality of obtained ecological information. This workshop is intended to demonstrate and discuss several analytical methods for benthic soft-bodied algae currently used in US federal and state stream bioassessment programs (such as National Aquatic Resource Surveys, National Water-Quality Assessment Program, and Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program). In addition, methods for phytoplankton and periphyton from lentic ecosystems (lakes, wetlands) will be briefly presented.  Workshop leaders, Drs. Rosalina Stancheva and Julianne Heinlein, will lead discussions regarding time and cost efforts, and the advantages of each method. During this workshop the participants will receive an overview of the methods, the data generated, and their applications to bioassessment. Participants will compare the methods by hands-on experience processing freshwater samples, using various microscope counting devices for soft-bodied algae, and identifying and quantifying the soft-bodied algae under light microscope. This workshop is intended for both new and experienced algal taxonomists as well as those managing/designing projects which include algal counts.


Stream Hydrology for Ecologists

9:00 am-5:00 pm - Limit: 20 participants

Cost: $50.00 SFS members; $25.00 SFS student members


This 6-hour workshop is intended to be an introductory level course on stream hydrology for aquatic ecologists. This workshop will provide a conceptual overview of how hydrology and aquatic ecology intersect. Through interactive and hands-on exercises, Ken Eng (USGS) and Ted Grantham ( USGS) will focus instruction on methods for obtaining and calculating flow and watershed data, prediction of natural and altered flows at ungauged locations, and modeling floodplain hydrology. All participants are required to have R (version 2.11.1 or higher) and R Studio ( installed on their own laptops.


Engage Science Communication Workshop:

Communicate Your Research to the Public


Saturday, May 21, 2016

9:00 am-12:00 pm or 1:30-4:30 pm - Limit: 40 participants each session

Cost: $40.00 SFS members; $30 SFS Young Professional Members; $20.00 SFS student members


Engage is an organization dedicated to teaching public speaking and science communication skills. At Engage, we train scientists to distill their knowledge without distortion or dilution. Scientists are often the leaders of their field with commanding depths of knowledge. However, these scientists struggle to clearly communicate their research to those outside their area of knowledge and the layperson. The problem isn't too little knowledge, but too much knowledge.  

The primary aim of this workshop is to provide an opportunity for early career scientists to strengthen their public speaking and science communication abilities by developing a short, compelling, and jargon-free message about their research. The workshop will train participants to deliver an elevator pitch clearly and concisely with poise and confidence. This message will be accessible to many different audiences, including the public and scientists outside of the student's discipline. After developing this message, participants in this workshop will be able to adapt their communication skills and the message to multiple audiences, thereby improving their communication with the public, the media, and other scientists.


Taxonomic Certification Genus Level Testing- 2016


The TCP will be offering beta tests for Chironomidae and Mollusk images at this event. Sign up early if you wish to take part. Numbers are limited.

Image Tests are on USB sticks for this event and you will require your own laptop computer:
EPT- East or West
Chironomidae- North America
Mollusk- North America

Specimen & Slide Tests require microscope, light etc. (maybe provided if requested):
General Arthropods- East or West
Oligochaeta- North America

Test Sessions:
All testing will take place on Sunday, May 22nd., 2016 in room # 317-318 of the Sacramento Convention Cente. The tests are three hours long with a half hour setup time. :
Morning Session: 8:30am-12pm
Afternoon Session: 12:30pm-4pm

The tests are three hours long with a half hour setup time.
Please contact directly if you wish to sign up for any tests in Sacramento. Space is limited. Registration will close on April 15th, 2016.

Taxonomic Certification Committee Meeting- 2016
The TCC meeting will follow the test sessions from 4-5pm in the above room. All are welcome. Please rsvp: to let me know if you will be attending the TCC or not.