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SFS Annual Meeting

SFS-ASLO 2020 Joint Summer Meeting. June 7-12, 2020. Madison, Wisconsin.

Sustaining Aquatic Ecosystems Under Global Change

Rapid change is a defining feature of the modern era. Increasingly severe threats attributed to global environmental change involve water, including among them scarcity, security, over-appropriation of water resources, extreme hydrological events, accelerating loss of aquatic biodiversity, and overstressed fisheries. Sustaining the aquatic ecosystems that provide fresh water, regulate water flow and quality, and provide habitat for aquatic organisms and biodiversity is thus key to sustaining human welfare and the natural systems that support us. Sustainable solutions—those that work across sectors, nations, and generations—will require major transitions in our thinking about water resources and the way they are governed and managed. By proposing a special session, we hope you’ll help highlight work relevant to sustaining aquatic ecosystems under global change.

The scientific program will take place Sunday, 7 June, through Friday, 12 June. The full meeting dates are set Saturday, 6 June to Saturday, 13 June, to allow meeting participants to take part in educational activities, volunteer opportunities, and culturally relevant events.

Abstracts of papers presented during the meeting will be available on the meeting website. Abstracts also will be archived following the meeting.



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