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SFS Annual Meeting

Who is an Early Career Member?

Early Career Members are any members of SFS who have completed their terminal degree within the last 10 years.
If you are an Early Career member, you are welcome at early career events, which provide the opportunity for young professional members of the society to learn from each other's experience.

Early Career Travel Awards for the SFS Annual Meeting

The Early Career Development (ECD) and Public Information and Publicity (PIP) committees are pleased to announce Travel Engagement Awards (TEA), which are made possible through a joint ECD-PIP Synergizing Activities Among Committees (SAAC) grant awarded by the Board of Directors. This year, TEA stipends will provide support ($300 each) to six early career members who will be charged with facilitating further society engagement through both individual involvement with existing SFS programs and a joint project that they will conceive and develop with other TEA award winners. Please click on the link below for more information.


Early Career Events

Wednesday, May 22, 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm; No charge
A casual networking opportunity for SFS members who have finished their terminal degree within the last 10 years. Meet at the Green Pig Pub, 31 East 400 South (convenient to Salt Palace). Cash/credit bar available.

Thursday, May 23, 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm; Limit: 30 participants
Cost: $15

Advancing Freshwater Science: A Discussion with the National Science Foundation," NSF panelists will continue with a Q&A-style discussion workshop focused on tips and advice for early career scientists wanting to learn how to apply for NSF funding and interact with program officers. Open to SFS members who have finished their terminal degree within the last 10 years. Lunch is included.