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SFS Annual Meeting


2019 Sessions
C01 Algae
C02 Fish and Other Aquatic Vertebrates
C03 Invertebrates
C04 Microbial Ecology
C05 Unionid Ecology
C06 Large River Ecology
C07 Lentic Ecology
C08 Urban Ecology
C09 Wetland Ecology
C10 Biogeochemistry
C11 Community Ecology
C12 Conservation Ecology
C13 Ecotoxicology
C14 Hydroecology
C15 Population Ecology
C16 Restoration Ecology
C17 Bioassessment
C18 Biodiversity
C19 Causal Assessment
C20 Climate Change
C21 Communicating Science
C22 Disturbance
C23 Education
C24 Eutrophication
C25 Food Webs
C26 Invasive Species
C27 Landuse and Non-Point Source Impacts
C28 Land-Water Interfaces
C29 Life Histories
C30 Molecular Ecology
C31 Organic Matter Processing
C32 Primary and Secondary Production
C33 Remote Sensing
C34 Science and Policy
C35 Systematics and Taxonomy
C36 Water Resource Management
C37 Stoichiometry
C38 Hyporheic Processes
C39 Hydrology/Geomorphology