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SFS Annual Meeting

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5/20/2019  |   16:00 - 17:00   |  Grand Ballroom EFGHIJ

EFFECTIVE AND INCLUSIVE PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT FOR FRESHWATER SCIENCE: A CALL TO ACTION Global change presents a massive suite of challenges for freshwater science and management that spans temporal and spatial scales. Each of these challenges, as well as their potential solutions or adaptation measures, shares a fundamental consideration for freshwater scientists: how can we effectively engage communities, stakeholders, and policy makers in productive conversations about our most precious shared resource to inspire sustainable policies? The slow, iterative nature of science can complicate effective communication of the uncertainty and urgency that simultaneously describe the state of water resources. Our public engagement efforts require clarity on communication objectives, a prioritization of equitable and inclusive outcomes, and the knowledge, skills, and language needed to advance these objectives and outcomes. Featuring examples of translational ecology at work, this plenary talk will set the stage for the 2019 conference by outlining the communication strategies, partnerships, and tools needed to successfully engage diverse audiences in difficult conversations about freshwater ecosystems.

Sunshine Menezes (Primary Presenter), University of Rhode Island,;