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SFS Annual Meeting

Presenter Information

The theme of the 2021 Meeting is "Freshwater Science in a Time of Transformation".

Presenters Information

The deadline for presentations to be uploaded to YouTube and BOX is 11:59 PM ON MAY 9, 2021
  • All talks must be prerecorded on the device of your choosing.
  • Talks must not exceed 12 minutes in duration.
    • The Step-by-Step Guide will walk you through the YouTube video upload process and explain how you will share the YouTube link with the conference organizers via a BOX file. Important note: the primary presenter’s email account will receive an email (separate from this email) inviting the primary presenter to share a BOX file where the necessary presentation information can be uploaded.
  • The abstract portal is no longer available for any edits or revisions. If it is necessary to add an author or make an adjustment, you must contact Edits and revisions are subject to rejection based on the timeline and extent of requests.

Important Notes

  • Poster Presenters
    • Posters must be uploaded as a PDF (the guide explains further details).
    • You are welcome and encouraged, but not required, to record a short video summarizing your poster (up to 2 minutes in duration).
  • Because there are approximately 750+ presentations that are being prerecorded and uploaded for SFS 2021, multiple revisions to your presentation will not be allowed once you have uploaded your presentation link to the BOX file. Therefore, please do not upload your presentation link to BOX until you are thoroughly satisfied with it. The deadline for uploading your presentation to YouTube and its link to the BOX File is 11:59 PM EST on MAY 9, 2021. HOWEVER, we highly recommend that you upload your presentation to YouTube before that day so that you can review it. If it is not working in YouTube it will not work in the CVent Virtual Attendee Hub for the annual meeting. If the USU Event Services staff encounters any issues with your presentation after the deadline, they will reach out to help you fix your presentation.

Tips for Recording a Video of Your Presentation

  • If you have a Zoom account (Zoom is free), you can open a meeting and share your screen (yes, with just yourself) and then hit “record” and you can give your talk. End the Zoom call and Zoom will allow you to save your video as an mp4 file.
  • Alternatively, you can create a video of a PowerPoint including your audio:
  • Other options work too if the video file can be uploaded to YouTube.


All primary presenters and any attending co-presenters must have a full conference registration to present at the annual meeting. There is no “one day” registration available for this year’s meeting.

Meeting registration is open. The “Late” registration rate will begin on April 24.

Please contact ( with any questions regarding the SFS 2021 Annual Meeting.